Sometimes we find ourselves traveling alone, other times the ones we meet are just the ones we need. Though we know forever never lasts still we hope to find a way to make the good times last. After all were a social kind, but then we have to ask ourselves why must things be left behind?  I don’t know the answer, though I hope someday I will. All I truly ask myself is can we ever muster up the will? So I do my best to cheer up the rest. All along my path hoping for a helpful face that I may light up with laughs. I dont know the way it goes only know the stories I’ve been told. Fortune favors when your bold, but whose to say anything is ever true when we only hunt for gold. All is here, but shrouded in fear so it seems to be today. So when will a righteous face show us a better way. Perhaps the hero we all need is the man I am today.



People lie, sometimes people cry, people die, Sad things arise, what is worse than truth. Story outplayed knew that one-day, today is the day. for-tellers mistake selling. felony story telling me. know you sailing it, hiding in celery, green is brown , whats good now ,in dought, not devout, they all scream and shout all throughout . still i arise to squinted eyes in sunlight, another day , time to fight, life is a struggle we survive, living life to love it, everyday I learn, truth is deserved but not given, forsake forgiven , with twisted tongs of um-represented is a life sentence

Let my words come to the ears of those rulers that do set stumbling blocks before the people of God unto this very day. Just as in the days of the pharaohs. I see the spirit of you who hold the ancient doctrines of ba’al to make the people under your power to eat of the sacrifices to your idols.  The children of the almighty God the same as of Abraham and his covenant, the same God does live unto this very same day you are living now. My God will fulfill his words and woe to you who do now provoke him and would empower the beast , that old dragon of evil, you do his works. You do not go in secret though you have convinced yourselves otherwise. I will stand or die but I will always hold my God above you and though you are well rehearsed to lead us to misunderstanding thereby you claim power to your selves but my God of abraham and his covenant shall forever prevail if you turn back now and change your ways of evil against the people you rule, so you may also be found in mercy by the living God.

Throughout the ages of society.   There have been variations of the one world government. As each revolution of mankind evolves.  The world governing system is forced to reset and retake its control.  The pursuit of total control is nothing new. In the ancient times as far back as Sumer, the Sumerian peoples were individual states of people with individual laws and rulers, just as we have mayors and governors of state in the U.S. today. The rulers of those distant ancient times were individual deities which dictated the law of that specific state. Until to our best recollection somewhere a unionizing,corporate, federal governing style system was developed and instated. Which would be what we know today as ancient Babylon. The ruler likely in the nature of Nimrod heading that instillation of collective power and governing rule, through similar methods which we experience even unto this very day now. Methods of influence and rule which were created through basic principles of fear for life and bribery which promised prosperity to those who submit. Starting on a very personal, individual level and continuing the overpowering and immediate gains bargaining to all who are to be ruled.

Lets break it down a little further now. 

Each area of the region was ruled by individual leaders and were each sovereign and self sustained unto itself.

One day a very strong man of high intelligence grew up to be a very large man by physical means. This man was as a giant to the the other rulers of the area. Standing about ten feet tall and naturally gifted to hunt and kill, as well as smart and capable of outwitting most any other in the area. Now this mighty man realized he could devise a way to take control of each state by controlling  each ruler of each state individually. Such as he would go to each mayor , governor of each state and first by intimidation and fear show his ability to kill that mayor and once the mayor of that state was overtaken by fear then the mighty man would offer the mayor an option of glory and sustained power over the land he already ruled if only he would unite under the mighty mans rule by following his orders. There each mayor of each state became a servant to the mighty man. now as each state became a new member of the one world governing power this mighty man was installing. the next mayor became easier to make submit because the mighty one could wage wars with each new states army and so he proceeded to gain the power,control he intended. as each state was still ruled by its original mayor and to the people nothing changed that they could initially see. However the mayor of each state could no longer rule by the judgement of the good of the people he rules because he now served the mighty man secretly. Now we see the first hierarchy begin to emerge.

The one world government remained the supreme ruler of the states it controlled from then on until as we see throughout history there came shifts in development and outside forces such as technology, brave new influencial people and shifts in the earth such as weather, droughts and storms, which radically and quickly brought new obsticles for the mighty man of the one world government which would time after time challenge the power of this system.

Just as we are experienceing today, with the technological advancements like internet, nuclear bomb abilities and industrial revolution. We see the world leaders waging wars and scheming ways to maintain there dominance over the people they govern.

Starry Eyes and naked minds,

never thought to ask,

was far too blind.


Amazing the life that lives

in such a hopeless place

with no such thought beyond a face

the moon and the stars

this life that is ours


Say theirs nothing but empty black space

nothing beyond the human race
but I see the forces of god all around

the power of life but life gives

to death

then fear becomes the loudest of sounds



can’t you see?

the sun comes back around
as do the stars

in eternal flow

heaven is vast much to grasp 

too big to know

perhaps its obvious as time does go

just look up and u see spaces to grow

develop and shed the old skin
so into the heavens we are able to begin

onward, upward,

but yes wait

why this pain we surely all know?
it is to mold us
 shape us and develop our glow
 if any one of the stars up high forgot  pain
 then the disruption of orbits,
then only death could rein.

Its the shedding of hate


and self
 that allows them to flow harmonized as one

  the point of pain and death

is to learn empathy and develop love

love of the soul

love for all as part of you

as a part of the universe which is the whole

all members of an infinite body

love thy neighbor as thyself

why destroy your hand or smite your own nose

thats the same as attacking your bros 


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