Sometimes we find ourselves traveling alone, other times the ones we meet are just the ones we need. Though we know forever never lasts still we hope to find a way to make the good times last. After all were a social kind, but then we have to ask ourselves why must things be left behind?  I don’t know the answer, though I hope someday I will. All I truly ask myself is can we ever muster up the will? So I do my best to cheer up the rest. All along my path hoping for a helpful face that I may light up with laughs. I dont know the way it goes only know the stories I’ve been told. Fortune favors when your bold, but whose to say anything is ever true when we only hunt for gold. All is here, but shrouded in fear so it seems to be today. So when will a righteous face show us a better way. Perhaps the hero we all need is the man I am today.



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