Let my words come to the ears of those rulers that do set stumbling blocks before the people of God unto this very day. Just as in the days of the pharaohs. I see the spirit of you who hold the ancient doctrines of ba’al to make the people under your power to eat of the sacrifices to your idols.  The children of the almighty God the same as of Abraham and his covenant, the same God does live unto this very same day you are living now. My God will fulfill his words and woe to you who do now provoke him and would empower the beast , that old dragon of evil, you do his works. You do not go in secret though you have convinced yourselves otherwise. I will stand or die but I will always hold my God above you and though you are well rehearsed to lead us to misunderstanding thereby you claim power to your selves but my God of abraham and his covenant shall forever prevail if you turn back now and change your ways of evil against the people you rule, so you may also be found in mercy by the living God.


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