the meaning of life, pain and death

Starry Eyes and naked minds,

never thought to ask,

was far too blind.


Amazing the life that lives

in such a hopeless place

with no such thought beyond a face

the moon and the stars

this life that is ours


Say theirs nothing but empty black space

nothing beyond the human race
but I see the forces of god all around

the power of life but life gives

to death

then fear becomes the loudest of sounds



can’t you see?

the sun comes back around
as do the stars

in eternal flow

heaven is vast much to grasp 

too big to know

perhaps its obvious as time does go

just look up and u see spaces to grow

develop and shed the old skin
so into the heavens we are able to begin

onward, upward,

but yes wait

why this pain we surely all know?
it is to mold us
 shape us and develop our glow
 if any one of the stars up high forgot  pain
 then the disruption of orbits,
then only death could rein.

Its the shedding of hate


and self
 that allows them to flow harmonized as one

  the point of pain and death

is to learn empathy and develop love

love of the soul

love for all as part of you

as a part of the universe which is the whole

all members of an infinite body

love thy neighbor as thyself

why destroy your hand or smite your own nose

thats the same as attacking your bros 



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