Monthly Archives: October 2013

I ask the question. What is the deal with this government shutdown? I don’t know who else out there watches c-span and has observed this ridiculous argument between democrats vs. republicans. I see one situation that neither party has mentioned. A federal shutdown should be just that, starting with a shutdown of the culprits leading these conflicts. We can do without the dictatorship of our ultimate terrorist threat, which is the federal reserve system, whom holds both political parties in bondage by creating a national deficit with the unconstitutional power to charge interest on every dollar it prints. The value of the United States of America is owned by Americans to use the value we hold in resources and the ability of our own hands to work and create what we need as we need it. There is no reason why a lack of money should be the primary conflict being made to diminish our freedom to act responsibly in taking care of ourselves as each need arises. Theses representatives deciding on our behalf in our federal government are not ignorant, clearly the federal government has been infiltrated by terrorist bankers who do not have the best interest of our constitutional freedoms. This shutdown of our federal government does not shutdown the IRS from demanding Americans to pay, it does not stop the senators and those who are making these decisions from getting there paychecks. It only stands to create poverty and loss to you and all of those who work to provide for our families and those who are defending our way of life in the military. We are the ones who stand to lose from this, therefore we are the only ones who can stop these criminals from taking our rite to life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness, which is being attacked every time we are forced to pay higher prices for basic necessities like groceries and housing because the dollar we are forced to use in exchange for the work we do is not controlled by us but is instead controlled by the federal reserve board of directors which you nor I have ever elected. These crisis situations being put before us are only a means to distract us from the real enemies. The real enemy is the one who you are obligated to be indebted to by inflating the economy with easy loans and then deflating the economy as soon as you sign the agreement to make payments on the land and goods our ancestors and grandparents have already handed to us. That’s what the revolutionary war was all about. We own this because we will fight to have it, just as the founders of our United States of America fought.
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