When all the moneys spent, just trying to pay the rent and your dreams are still so far far away.

So why?

Now you see, we are made to believe we are free. When in fact we have been snared by a trap. We are Economic slaves forced to labor for our wages. Our wages we receive we must then pay out to receive the water, power, food, and all resources we need for our survival. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t eat you don’t live.

If we are forced to work just to survive. We aren’t free.

We have developed and built an industrialized effective method for producing all the necessities of life and we have all we need to sustain it. The magnificent times we live in, with all our technology and the levels of advancement we achieve, have created an abundance of resources that the idea of poverty should seem ridiculous.

Do you agree?


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