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When all the walls are being built, all the papers being signed. The place you live has you trapped, restrained from choice. A paperwork prison. The land I am born into has charged me with life, and hard labor. Only bound by my dreams they said. My dreams of peace and happiness, never given a chance. I’m bound in bond by a signature and an accepted status of debt. I don’t accept it, but it seems as though I must. With poverty constricting the will to be, what option did I ever have. No cash, no freedom. The land of opportunity has shut the door. I demand the rights of quality of life. I am ignored. The right to; water, food, heat, and light, are not free they say. It seems as if the right to exist at all comes with a price-tag. The rulers of resources through industry and commerce, charging for the use and consumption of natural resources. Who can say these resources are owned and deserved by a man-made authority of paper and ink. The earth has naturally supplied its resources just as it has naturally supplied us with life here as members of the earth and the community of existence.


I have a vision. I don’t know what you see. I see everyone living there lives in all fashions of method. I see everyone and I see myself. I see we are looking for something. I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m looking for. I can only conceive that you don’t know either. I want to be loved. I want to be appreciated. I want to feel necessary. I search for comfort and stability. I search for an understanding. I have come to believe that these feelings are ubiquitous. I want to find someone. I know she is looking too. I am one. I love my one. I can care for more. I need to eat and live. I find it useless without adding to my one. I am what I am. I will seek till I’m complete.


The new globalized world is now a reality.

Global economy is great for financiers and for corporate profit shares. Creating an international labor force of all citizens. Therefore causing ubiquitous competition for jobs which create a surplus of workers at a dirt cheap cost in their wages. The wages earned by citizens worldwide persistently decline as their job will go to the cheapest bidder.   So the globalized world is fundamentally bad for all citizens of the world.  The lack of wages will inflate poverty globally. A rise in poverty leads to a rise in crime. As the citizens become malnourished and go untreated for healthcare. A desperation will emerge to become overwhelming then inevitably the need for basic survival will leave all industry void of workers and unable to run. The people will seek their resources and will establish their livelihood without the need for a globalized world paradigm.  The risks are apparent but the true value of becoming globally aware, just make us one big global community. The people do not want to fight. The people deserve to live well and free from all forms of control. We are all citizens of this earth. Imagine the possibilities of a world unbound by shortage of life’s necessities. Creativity and advancing tech. are only nurtured by free abundant ability. The ability to evolve and create are lost when we are snared. The will to exist is truly ubiquitous.  You

When all the moneys spent, just trying to pay the rent and your dreams are still so far far away.

So why?

Now you see, we are made to believe we are free. When in fact we have been snared by a trap. We are Economic slaves forced to labor for our wages. Our wages we receive we must then pay out to receive the water, power, food, and all resources we need for our survival. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If you don’t eat you don’t live.

If we are forced to work just to survive. We aren’t free.

We have developed and built an industrialized effective method for producing all the necessities of life and we have all we need to sustain it. The magnificent times we live in, with all our technology and the levels of advancement we achieve, have created an abundance of resources that the idea of poverty should seem ridiculous.

Do you agree?

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